Back to School...really?


Well it seems like whether we are ready or not it is time to set our alarm clock and rise and shine EARLY for school!


I am not exactly sure where the summer went. We had a good one, it just feels like we didn't get to quite everything we hoped to.


In an effort to get "excited" about the coming week, I pulled out the Back 2 School box, decorated the table, fixed a yummy meal and called up the grandparents.


It was a fun evening, but I don't think it did much for boosting 'morale' with the troops.


I was even reluctant about putting this evening together, but decided at the last minute to go ahead with it.


I managed to light a little fire under myself and busted out a pretty adorable tablescape; if I do say so myself!!


Tomorrow Preston and Cambree
rise early,
eat a good breakfast,
put on new clothes,
get on a school bus,
reunite with friends,
meet new teachers,
embark on new adventures!!


Melissa said...

Super cute!!! Love all the decorations. Thanks for always inspiring me to host a Back to School dinner. We are having ours on Tuesday. Preston & Cambree- Have a great 1st day!!!

Becky said...

Seriously, what happened to summer?? Cute B2S dinner!!! Hope C and P have a wonderful first day back! I was thinking about you yesterday...Hug Mr W for me!!