Freedom Celebration


Independence Day
Fourth of July
Fireworks Day
July 4th

Doesn't matter what you call it, it ranks right up there with Valentine's day for my favorite holiday!

I think mainly because there is always something fun to look forward to...the fireworks show.

Good food...backyard bbq's.

Relaxed atmosphere...no gifts to purchase.

Birthday Party...what's not to love?

Celebrating the freedoms we enjoy in the United States of America!!


This year we took in the activities going on in Mullinville.

The fire department had a hamburger feed.

Bounce Houses...one even had a water slide!

Cake walk.


Duck Races.

But, most importantly TURTLE RACES!!

We spent a couple of hours on July 3rd at the creek trying to find a turtle, but it is so hot and dry this year we didn't have much luck.


{This cutie patootie did score a horny toad though...YAY!}


Anyways, we headed to town disappointed only to arrive and discover you could 'Rent-a-turtle' for the big race!! Score one for the Stapleton's!!

We were the first ones to 'Rent-a-turtle' so we got to pick our numbers. It only seemed appropriate to go with the kids ages. 2 - 6 - 8 were our numbers.

When it was race time we all anxiously stood outside the circle cheering on our turtles.

I bet that pavement was about 125 degrees and some of the smarter turtles got to haulin' out of there!

#6 made a sweeping comeback and zoomed right on out of the circle first!


Cambree with turtle #6


Cambree with her prize money {$10...wow}


Snowcones were enjoyed by all before we then loaded up and headed to Coldwater to watch the big fireworks show.


No pictures to prove it, but this year's show was THE best show I can remember having at Coldwater Lake. And I have seen a LOT of them!!

Happy Birthday America!!


Becky said...

The 4th show at the lake was AWESOME!! Looks like a wonderful time! I remember when there was turtle races and games at the lake every year! I wish they would do that again! It was so much fun.

Melissa said...

$10 for winning a turtle race! Wow! I think I once won a turtle race and got a quarter! Count me in for next year! Serious dough! :)
Glad you all had a great 4th!

Melanie said...

I love the colors of the 4th. .and the parties :-) And the fireworks!! I'm with you. .one of my fave holidays indeed!!