Preston's 9th Birthday ~ Part 1


This was the first birthday we have had without a full-blown PARTY!! And I still don't know how I feel about that. About the beginning of October I started to feel really lost with no party planning to do.

Preston informed me shortly after Westynn's birthday that he didn't want to have a party this year.


I very sternly told him to pack his bags and get out! I was only partially kidding...I mean what kid of mine DOES NOT want a party?! I informed him I thought he was an imposter and that he should return MY son immediately. Sometimes Preston doesn't get my humor, so the gig was up and I told him he didn't really have to pack!

I was able to convince him to have a chili bar after his football game the Saturday after his birthday and invite his Grandparents over. It took a little convincing, but I was able to pull it off under the condition that there were no decorations...I quote, "just food and cake and ice cream."

That was practically a dagger to my heart, but I realized that this day was about him and not about me, so I agreed. My little boy is growing up and my heart is both overjoyed and crushed at the same time.

But, Preston was going to have another surprise because my friend, Melissa, and her two kids, Owen and Harper, were going to come to our house for their first official visit since we moved. And they were going to come on the 18th...a Thursday! That meant that they got to stay home from school. Possibly one of the best presents!!

We started the morning with our traditional birthday breakfast and then J and I let him open his gifts from us.



More Legos from us and a WWII dvd set.

Sometimes I think I am glutton for punishment...buying more legos when we already have so many. Again, it's about the boy though! He was THRILLED!!

We spent the rest of the day playing with our friends and enjoying a fun day at home. That night at dinner, we devoured this chocolate cake that Melissa whipped up that afternoon.




That cake was SO good! Thank you Melissa ~ come back and cook for us anytime!

Here's the whole gang

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Melissa said...

I just can't believe that Preston is NINE! So grown up!!!
We had a blast celebrating his special day with him!!! So glad we could come and play! The kids are ready to come back right now!