New J.O.B.

I didn't post about this for a long time because I just couldn't bring myself to believe it was true.

Last semester at my previous job was a rough one. The stress of being stressed all day at work and then coming home to the demands of raising three kids, keeping a home, and a hubby was really taking it's toll on our family. I can't think of one person in our house who escaped unscathed.

There came a point in April/May when I told Jeremy that I just wasn't sure I could do it anymore. A breaking point was definitely reached! There was a LOT of prayer, tough love, trying to make it work, speaking out...but, ultimately something had to give! I was not about to give up on my family, so the ol' 7:30-5:00 had to go!

It really didn't affect our daily life during the summer months any. It's what we would have normally done anyways. However, come the last week of July it felt a little funny not to be making arrangements for the kids and heading back to the empty school. Still not enough to really make me stop and notice. I guess I just had more of an awareness that someone else was going in and doing "my" job while I was still at home.

That all changed the first day of school when I slept in an hour later, was able to fix a decent breakfast, pack lunches, take pictures of them and send them off on the bus...all without freaking out on them!! The moment of realization was starting to sink in.

Jeremy left to go do his work and Westynn and I were left all alone. For I think what might have been the first time since he was born. At first we didn't quite know what to do with ourselves. Westynn asked many times that first week about Preston and "Tambree"; where they were, when they would be back, what they were doing.

I even wandered around the house trying to figure out what to do. It as quieter, calmer, almost eerie.

By day two we had found lots of things to do and we were well on our way to enjoying our new NORMAL!!



Now we are very used to our new routine and we are just loving the heck out of it.  Even though Preston & Cambree are gone to school for a good chunk of the day, I believe that they can feel the difference in our household.  Not that I don't still have moments of panic and freaking out, but it is NOT happening on a daily basis.  I think that's just part of being a mom :)

Almost every single day I stop and look around and wonder HOW this became my life?  In the most grateful way!!  I really have nothing to be upset or complain about...I am married to a great man, have happy, healthy kids, live in my dream home, work at my dream job, and enjoy all the little things that come with country life. 

Making that decision last spring, even though it was scary to think about not having a steady paycheck and figuring out what to do about health insurance, was the absolute BEST decision for our family!!

I have sighed many a sigh of relief in the last 3 months!!  My heart overflows with happiness :)  

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Melanie said...

Good for you!! Glad it is working out well. I think I could probably get used to that too. .when the weirdness wore off!!