Wrap it up

I know that I am probably one of the few people who enjoys the act of wrapping presents at Christmas time. To some I know it can seem like just another chore during an already busy time of year. But, for me, it is one more way to express a little creativity.

I start collecting and saving boxes about October so that I have plenty to use for wrapping gifts. I like to be able to tie them up with bows and ribbons and I have discovered over the years that it is a LOT less frustrating with a box rather than trying to make it work with what is often rather awkward shaped packaging.

The only problem with Wrapping It up is this...

wrapping collage

WOW ~ there is paper, glitter, glue, bling, tulle, ribbon, scissors, tape and heaven only knows what else on that table and floor!

Oh yeah there was this


my tried and true Dr. Pepper to get me through it all!

I wrapped and wrapped while the big kids were at school and when they got home had a treat for them! I knew it would thrill them to put all these fabulous wonders under our tree and I was RIGHT! You should have seen their eyes light up when I told them what I wanted them to do.


Of course, they proceeded to pick up, shake and speculate about each and every package. I was a little cruel and didn't put any tags on any of the packages, so they had to guess who they were for. It was a hoot watching and listening to them as they carried the packages from the basement upstairs!


Only 13 more days until we find out if they were naughty or nice!!

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Becky said...

I have wrapping envy. Mine always looks like a toddler wrapped them! =P No tags?? BRILLIANT!