Becoming a Young Girl

There comes a time in a girls life when she experiences a moment that transforms her from merely a girl into a YOUNG girl.

Ya know, almost a lady, but not quite old enough.

A couple weeks ago Cambree had that moment.


She spent a couple of weeks "thinking about it."

Asking a lot of questions.


Wondering if taking this HUGE step in a girls life would make her too girly...since she is a self-proclaimed tomboy and all.

Much to my surprise, on the way home from Houston she proclaimed that she was ready.

I promptly googled where to have it done on my phone and told Jeremy to pull into the nearest establishment.

I was elated.
Jeremy was sad.
Cambree was apprehensive.





She got her ears pierced!! She chose a multi-colored flower that sparkles and shimmers.

I think she looks like a young girl now; on the verge of being a lady...now whether she acts like one or not is a completely different story!


Becky said...

Awww! She looks so scared...and then so happy. She looks pretty cute with those sparkly earrings!!

Melissa said...

That is awesome! We are so proud of you Cambree! You look beautiful!!!