Cambree is SEW sweet!

***NOTE:  This was written on July 25, 2012, but I am just now getting it posted.  I had forgotten that I had trouble getting this to load on YouTube. I guess maybe I should check my Draft posts a little more often :)   I also found one from when Westynn was 5 months old...I'm gonna post it soon too!***

Last week CJ and I were working on a rag quilt.

Found on Pinterest...OF COURSE!

I thought it would be a great way to use up some scraps. I was right!

Anyways, where this post is headed is that once we ran out of cut squares to sew our sandwiches out of, Cambree asked if she could sew. I figured it was about time she learn how to man the machine :)

I put the machine down on her table so she could reach the pedal. Gave her a quick lesson on how to use it. Set her up with a pile of scraps and told her to practice sewing straight lines down each edge.


She's very meticulous and precise.


Not bad for a first-timer!!


BUT, the great thing about the downstairs is that she had no idea I was doing this while she worked...

All the banging...that's just W playing.

I {heart} how she talks herself through it!!

{Truth be told, I needed the little reminder of how precious she can be this week too!}


Tara Woolfolk said...

Love it!! This reminds me of when my Mom and I used to sew. I didn't always enjoy it but I am so thankful now!!

Melanie said...

HAHA!! That's the only kind of sewing that I like to do. .straight edges :-) I made a couple rag quilts in my "spare time" many years and a few kids ago. I LOVE them!! So rustic looking and W-A-R-M!! Hope she sticks with it and loves it like her mama!