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As I checked my blog feeder last night I was relieved to see that there are a few other people out there still writing posts about their Christmas activities.

One story I forgot to tell you about...my mom was quick to remind me in the comments of my last post. BUT, it is a story worth backtracking to tell.

During the aftermath of the opening gifts phase at mom's someone asked where Westynn was. One of the other kids said he was upstairs playing. Which was nothing new, because that is where the kitchen "stuff" is. However, there was more to the story {isn't there always!}. We eventually heard him hollering..."Somebody....help me!" It was quickly discovered that he had locked himself in the upstairs bathroom. For those of you who don't know...my parents live in an older home they have remodeled and you DON'T lock any of the doors!! The handles are old and you never know when the will or won't work. Hence, the help me cries!! Here's what ensued:

Papa Jene: See the little knob under the handle?
Westynn: NO
Jeremy: {As he wiggles the handle} See the handle?
W: Yes
P: Okay, now turn that little knob below the handle.
W: I can't. Somebody help me!
J: You just need to turn the knob to unlock the door.
W: I CAN'T!!!!
J: Just relax.
P: We'll get you out, just turn the knob below the handle.
W: It won't turn.
P: Wiggle it then.

Put that part on repeat and that's how the conversation went for the better part of 10 minutes. Papa finally decided that they were going to have to do something drastic, so that Westynn wouldn't have to stay in there FOREVER, Ohhhhh.

A screwdriver and a few minutes later he was rescued from the bathroom. It was probably more comical for those of us downstairs who were just listening to the whole dilemma unfold!!

Now on to the thing I eluded to in my last post. My favorite memory from this Christmas.

Here's the video and then I'll tell you why it is so special.

We were lucky enough to host the Stapleton clan for Christmas at our house on the 29th. I don't think I've ever posted before about our piano {note to self to do so}, but it belonged to Jeremy's grandparents and when his Grandma moved to down after his Grandpa died, we inherited the piano. Which ended up being a surprise to me...I thought they were just bringing home the buffet!!

Anyways, to make a long story short. We have moved this piano three times, no one in our family knows how to play it, and it had sort of become a thorn in our side. I'll post pictures sometime so you can sort of understand what I am talking about. IT'S HUGE!!

Jeremy's grandma hadn't seen the piano but one other time since we acquired it. While they{Jeremy's Grandma and all her kids} were all at our house that Saturday, Rod suggested that Alda Mae play us a tune on the ol' player piano and I think I saw pure joy flash through her eyes!!

She is such a quiet and reserved woman, but I think she might have played that piano a lot longer if there hadn't been such an audience. She played all these Christmas carols from memory and it sounded wonderful in our big open house. I made a comment later that one of my kids WILL learn how to play the piano. I don't care who, but somebody will!!

If you can't understand the words, after she finishes the first song she asks Westynn, "Is that the way you play?" To which he replies with an enthusiastic "Yeah!" We had heard him pounding the keys early that morning and knew that was most definitely NOT what he sounded like! I am so glad I was able to catch it before my memory card filled up.

She blessed us with several tunes before calling it quits.  I told her that I intended to put this recording upstairs and play it regularly so that at least it would seem like someone could play the piano.  She thought I was joking...I wasn't!!

We did get to my Dad's over this past weekend, but things happened in such a frenzy that I didn't even get a decent picture.  The kids got a bunch more treasures and Jeremy and I were blessed with gift cards, a Barry Switzer and Billy Simms autographed football!  It was a good weekend.

So, that wraps up our Christmas.  

Now, I guess I have to get on to more everyday things again.  Which, it where my heart really lies anyway concerning my blog!

Happy New Year and may 2013 bring you peace, joy and blessings like you've never known!!

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Janelle Wensler said...

I just cried. i miss my family. thanks for sharing!! this is the only way I can hear it so thank you!