Little Girl, Big Step

Back in November {behind again, I know} Cambree decided, after weeks of deliberation, that she was ready to get her ears pierced.

On our way home from Houston, she made the proclamation, so we pulled into the closest Walmart and got her ears pierced.

She is by far the toughest girl I know, but she was NERVOUS!




Changing them out after the initial 6 week waiting period was over was much worse than the actually piercing...it involved tears!  And she has yet to change them again....I don't know if she ever will! 

{I didn't realize how many freckles she had on her face until I looked at this picture.}

I can remember getting my ears pierced at the mall when I was about her age.  I felt so grown up and special afterwards...I don't know if she feels that way or not.  I do know that she looks grown up and I love seeing the little pink dots in her ears.  Even when she is wearing her ball cap and working cows!  Tomboys can have earring too!

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Melanie said...

Those first few earring changes were tough!! Remind her that she will love it soon!!