In honor of the Super Bowl being played on Sunday, I thought it was only appropriate that I finally wrote a blog post about Preston's Pee Wee football season.

It's only been over for several months now!

There's not a lot to tell about the season. Preston alternated playing defense and offense each week so he didn't see a TON of playing time. He started out the season very timid, but ended the season making a touchdown saving tackle in the last play of the last game! To say he was super pumped would be an understatement!


We traveled to Dodge City every Saturday from mid-September to mid-November for games and to Coldwater two evenings a week for practice. It got a little bit exhausting for all of us as the season wore on, but it was worth it to see him gain some self-confidence.


At the beginning of the season as I witnessed Preston's lack of aggression I made an agreement with him that for every tackle he made I would pay him $10. The only catch was that he had to actually wrap them up and bring them down.


I had to pay him $10 on the same day that Papa Rusty and Jennifer had come up to watch him play and help celebrate his birthday! It was a good day for him :)

Pee Wee Football Collage

He opted out of playing Pee Wee Basketball and I have to admit that I was secretly relieved. While all the other parents are spending their weekends in Dodge City, we are just hanging out on the ranch doing our own thing! He's still not sure he will play again next year...time will tell!


Becky said...

Sports! So much fun! So exciting! VERY EXHAUSTING!

Am I bad sport mom for secretly jumping for joy when both my boys decided not to play basketball? ;)

Melanie said...

Good for you for allowing him a break. .sometimes I think kids are pushed too much. .and it's a lot nicer for EVERYONE to get a little rest from life. .together. .in the same house. .without the extra fatigue of being gone all the time. .You'll not really regret it in the end!!