Pre-Christmas Recap

Christmas and the New Year have since come and gone and I have yet to write one post about our activities!! BUT, you should know me and my blogging habits by now! I would love to say that I have put blogging on my list of New Year's Resolutions, but who would I be kidding? Plus, I like to make resolutions I might actually be capable of keeping!

So, after the wrapping fest that turned my oasis into a huge disaster of glitter, ribbon, glue, tape and paper....we managed to fit in a few more activities.

We held our annual Children's Program at church. We did it a little different this year than in the past and didn't have any of our practices during Sunday School. I'm still not sure how I feel about that...but it turned out cute nonetheless. Preston played the part of Joseph, Cambree was a modern-day shepherd or school teacher, and Westynn was a modern-day wise man or rancher. He was mostly just mad because Grady got to be the farmer and he had pliers!!





After church was over that day we traveled to Woodward to meet our friends the Eitzen's and have lunch and go bowling. On our way to town in the car Westynn was crying because he "didn't know how to play bowling." We got a good chuckle over that one and explained that we would teach him. He figured it out pretty quick. John and Kara have three boys, Jaris (4), Kyler (2), and Wyatt (6 mo). They were quite a crew the 6 of them. We adults quickly decided we were WAY out numbered for the bowling alley. Anytime we would turn our backs, Kyler would be over in the next lanes!! We decided that adult only bowling might be our next outing, lol!







Let's just suffice it to say that we had a GRAND time, but I bet the manager was happy to see us leave!

Later that week I was pleased to be a class mom for Preston's 3rd grade Christmas party. I was in charge of the drinks so Preston and I made these adorable Reindeer Cokes that I had seen on Pinterest. Preston was in charge of the antlers and I glued the eyes and noses on. The kids enjoyed them...well all except the one kid who immediately proclaimed his "hate" for Coca- Cola. But, it's okay, cause we gave his bottle to Grandma Robin...."cause she hoards Coke stuff." Yep, you read that correctly, a quote by Preston at the party. I thought another mom, who knows about mom's collection, was going to loose it. The clincher though was when said Coke hater pronounced that his dad, "hoards beer." I had to walk away...I needed air. It was HILARIOUS! Anyways, back to the party. I also brought some Vaseline and red pom poms for us to play Throw the Nose on Rudolph. They kids had a BLAST playing this game and it took up a good portion of our 30 minute allotted party time.




We were supposed to go to Ardmore the weekend before Christmas, but Dad had shoulder surgery on the 20th and I didn't think it was wise for us to be there while he was recovering. So that meant that we were in for a very special treat at Mullinville. Santa, {I know him, I know him...bonus points if you can quote that movie} was to make an appearance, but he would be arriving in a most unusual way. Via helicopter. So we packed up the boys {CJ was spending the night at a friends house} and picked up Grandma Janis and headed to the big metropolis. Santa arrived safely and even brought all the kids of Mullinville a surprise. We did surmise though that Mrs. Claus must have put the big guy on a diet during the off season, 'cause he was one of the skinniest Santa's we had ever seen!






Next event was our Annual Candlelight Christmas Eve service at church. This year our family was in charge of the advent reading and lighting for the 7:00 pm service. Pastor Gary is big on getting kids involved so Preston helped read part of the scripture this year. I think my heart was just about to bust out of my chest I was so proud of him. He almost chickened out when we got up there and he saw a PACKED church...pews full all the way to the front. But after a little encouragement, he started and did a wonderful job!! I love this service and I was so happy that we could be a part of it this year. The kids love it too. When it was time to start getting ready I overheard Preston say, "Yes! I love Christmas Eve service!" I beamed from within...at least a few things are catching on!










Okay...kids should be walking in the door from school any moment, so that's it for awhile. I'll be back with an actual Christmas Recap next!!


Sara Wyatt said...

That Christmas Eve Service is my absolute favorite. It is one of my favorite memories from that church. And I think if it every year on Christmas Eve. Thanks for sharing.

Melissa said...

Santa in a helicopter! Now that is super cool!!! And bowling...what a fun indoor winter activity...I forgot completely about that. I need to take the kids!
I wish our church did candles...how beautiful!

Melanie said...

Looks awesome. .all I kept thinking while looking at your candlelight photos was watching Missy Haas watch my kids because she didn't want to turn her back afraid they might torch her head of hairspray and make a REAL big candlelight display!! That is my favorite service of the year!!