I want to have on record that I think this year Christmas prep was one of the least stressful I have experienced. It had it's share of worry and wonder and number crunching, but for the most part it went pretty smooth.

The kids had already gotten up and were going through their stockings when Jeremy and I got up. Westynn got a bunch of super-hero hand sanitizers in his stocking and when I came out he had them all in his hand, his eyes were lit up and he exclaimed..."Look mom! Santa got me these! I NEEDED these!" I have created a monster...always on the look out for germs. We have used a LOT of hand sanitizer in the last week!

The big kids just wanted to rip into their presents...so we let them. But not before Westynn and Jeremy had a sword fight with the duct-tape swords Santa brought!!


Some presents were extra hard to get into!

Preston got a scooter...so he can stop riding his sisters pink one! 100 more army guys, jeans, tennis shoes, a really cool bible and stocking full of fun stuff!


Westynn got a cowboy rope, blocks, super hero books, binoculars, clothes and a stocking full of fun stuff!


Cambree got a skate board with safety gear {helmet and pads}, yoga pants, Brave and cross stitch kits, plus a stocking full of great stuff!


Westynn could not WAIT to try on his new underwears!!

After a cinnamon roll and sparkling grape juice breakfast, Westynn and Cambree went with Jeremy to feed the cows.
Christmas Breakfast collage

While the house was nice and quiet, Preston spent a good deal of the morning reading his new Bible. I can't wait to show more of this to you...if you have or know of any boys between the ages of 8-12, this is the perfect way to get them engrossed in God's word...comic book style! I bet Preston has spent a total of about 8 hours reading it in the last week.

Jeremy dropped the little kids back off and then spent the next 5 hours trying to get the feed truck to start. Can't rest until ALL the women on the place have been fed, lol! He finally got it about 3:00, so then he came home and we spent the rest of the afternoon getting ready to have his parents and my parents over for dinner. We had already fixed a good amount of food in preparation for the big Stapleton clan to gather, but the weather put that off. We enjoyed a dinner of brisket, baked potatoes, spanish green beans, homemade hot rolls, red and green jello and Mississippi Mud dessert and sugar cookies. I think there might have also been a pecan pie. BUT, I managed to go through the whole evening without even picking up my camera....ARGH! I was so mad at myself.

Over the course of the next day we celebrated with Jeremy's folks and my parents.

Stapleton Christmas Collage

Allen Christmas Collage

We'll celebrate with my dad and the Cornelius side of the family later this week. Whew!! It's been a long week of celebrating, but we are blessed to have such a large extended family to gather with!

I have one more Christmas post, but I need to upload the video to You Tube. It's my most favorite moment from the whole week!


Grandma Robin said...

WHAT>>>> nothing about Westynn getting locked in our upstairs bathroom and possibly having to 'LIVE in HERE forever:!!! my favorite part of the holiday...Jeremy was so calm and Papa was rounding up rescue tools...we now have a door jam that needs ATTENTION....plus poor Jeremy and Jene attending to my flat tire in gale force freezing winds....I love our holidays....they are never dull

Melissa said...

I just have to say that Cambree in the bottom collage is making the exact same face that you do. You two look exactly alike! :)
Looks like you all had an awesome Christmas. Westynn is cracking me up...it looks like he was way into it this year. So much fun!!!
You are so fun...Christmas tree cinnamon rolls and sparkling juice. Love it!

Melanie said...

I love your collage of photos!! Glad the bad weather didn't mess up your plans too badly! Blessings for your 2013!