Little Miss turns 7!

What a difference 7 years makes?!

I thought it would be fun to do a comparison from the moment she was born 7 years ago to that same moment today. It just so happens that she is home from school today because we are snowed in, so it was easy to do this.

CJ 7 years apart

As always, we celebrated this morning with our cinnamon rolls and boy were they yummy!!  Especially on this cold, snowy morning!!
CJ 7th bday breakfast

Because of our recent snowstorm, some of our plans had to be rearranged, but we still plan to eat her dinner choice tonight and let her open our gifts.  Hopefully, the weather will hold out and she can still celebrate on Saturday.  She is planning a sleepover with 5 friends!!  So, you can be sure they are still a LOT of birthday related posts to come!!

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