The Celebration Continues

On Wednesday last week, Cambree's birthday, we were stuck home because of the snow and she was really disappointed that we weren't going to be able to have her birthday dinner with her grandma's and papa's like we had planned.

For some reason, just having dinner with the 5 of us wasn't passing the birthday test.  We had all but given up hope on ever being dug out when what should we hear...a tractor in the drive!!  Papa Rodney had spent the afternoon working on our drifts, only to have the county crew show up when he was finished...


As soon as Cambree saw those tractors she was convinced we could still have her birthday supper.  I told her that everyone had probably already started supper because it was just past 5:30.  She wanted to know if she could call and at least ask, so she promptly dialed up Grandma Robin first  to see if they could still come out.  Luckily, they had just gotten home from cleaning off the sidewalks at their church and they could load up and head right out.  Grandma Janis was her next call and again, Grandma Janis said she could ride down with daddy when he came home!!


We ended up getting to have her dinner after all!  Papa Rodney didn't get to come because of a heifer, but it was nice of him to stay with her so that CJ's daddy could come home for dinner!



Our menu consisted of barbecue meatballs, homemade mac & cheese, corn and texas toast. Followed by cake and ice cream!! I didn't get any pictures of us eating, because we were so busy eating and talking....the kids were so happy to see someone other than me that they could hardly be contained!




Yes, we don't believe in clothes out here!! I think both boys were in their underwear for the whole 'party'!!

Lucky for Cambree the snowstorm didn't impede her grandparents ability to bring PRESENTS!! And lucky for her mom, the Fedex delivery lady called and said she would leave our package in Mullinville and Grandma Janis was able to pick it up before we got snowed in!







She got some great stuff:

From Mom & Dad
- a tumbling mat
- cheer shoes
- a baby pillow pet

From Grandma Robin & Papa Jene
- Anderson Bean cowgirl boots
- Hello Kitty pajamas

From Grandma Janis & Papa Rodney
- $100 bill
- photo album

You can imagine that lots of tumbling ensued before the night was over! But there was one final piece of business that needed done before the night could be complete...


Papa Jene had to get all 3 kids ready to ship off!

Yep, all three kids are in that box...and they loved every minute of it. I think towards the end, Westynn thought we has really going to be shipped off and he wanted OUT!!


It was a great night and I am so glad that CJ got exactly what she wanted for her birthDAY celebration!! I even got a little relief because we sent Preston and Cambree home with my parents to make sure they could get to school on Thursday!!! I probably owe them significantly for that one. It's been a LONG time since Mom has had to get anyone up and ready for school!

I have one more post coming about CJ's 7th birthday...her sleepover!!

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Becky said...

Looks like a great birthday!! BUT! My FAVORITE picture is the one of her in the box! I love her lack of teeth!!! =D