My Sweety Knows Me

I got the BEST Valentine's Day surprise this morning.

That's right a Share size bag of my favorite candy...Skittles.

Don't worry, there won't be ANY sharing going on here. It was the biggest bag he could find at the convenience store yesterday!!

Oh and we're going to an early movie and dinner tonight...again, he knows me! We are getting old and can't stay out late for the movies, so it has been forever sine we've been to one!! Making it early ensures that we get one in...usually we bail by the time we are done with dinner, LOL!

Hope your sweeties know you and showed up with something that made your heart pitter patter a little faster today!!


Becky said...

Looks like the perfect Valentines Day gift to me!! Hope you had a good evening. Dan hauled me to the Lazy T for prime rib and shrimp. Valentines Day or not, it was nice to spend some time with him!

Melanie said...

We enjoyed our Valentines day too. .unlike Becky, I LOVE it. .almost as much as I love all the other holidays! We enjoyed a special dinner in with wine glasses full of soda and bubbly for the grown ones (uh, that is just two of us)! Jeremy's traditional chocolate truffle pie and cards and treats! I for sure got the BIGGEST treat of all. .and after 20 years of togetherness.. it rated just behind my wedding rings!! It will be another 20 before I rate anything like it again :-)Next up. .St Patty's day. .corned beef and cabbage ;-)