Potato Corn Chowder

I have something that I have to share with you immediately!! It can't wait until my next Been There, Made That post.

Mom recently shared an ebook with me that came from one of our most beloved bloggers, Edie at Life in Grace Blog.

Go there, but be warned...you will have spent 2 hours reading and admiring and loving before you know what happened!!

Anyways, the eBook, 31 Days to a Heart of Hospitality, is 1) a bargain, 2)a quick and easy read and 3)so refreshing and enlightening.

In the book and on her blog she shares a recipe for Potato Corn Chowder.

Tonight was one of those nights where I wanted something comforting and soupy!! It was just a cold day that seemed like it needed a hearty soup. Lucky for me I had all the ingredients {with the exception of thyme} so I whipped it up and boy was it divine!! I pulled a homemade loaf of french bread {my favorite recipe from Our Best Bites} out of the freezer, toasted it with butter under the broiler to make it nice and crusty and enjoyed a little piece of heaven in a dish this evening.  I also garnished mine with bacon before serving...oh my!!!

For those of you soup lovers...make this.

You won't be sorry.

If you think you don't like soup...make this.

You won't be sorry.

That's all I have on my soapbox for tonight.


Becky said...

YUM!!! I will have to try this one sometime soon.
I love Pinterest so very very much! Its provided me with recipes I would have never stumbled across otherwise. We've tried so many new things, and liked 95% of them!! So much fun! It also helps a very non-creative person feel VERY creative when she completes a project!! ;)

mom said...

I told you-you would LOVE EVERY little thing about her/book/blog/ebook/house/recipes.....I should have named you Edie....you won't mind if I start calling you Edie at this point in your life will You????