February Snowstorms

In typical Sara style, I am almost a month late blogging about recent events!!

I wanted to share some of these pictures though because it is just unreal how much snow we got towards the end of February.  It has been since I was pregnant with Westynn that we saw such significant amounts of snow.  And back then, we lived in town and it was a much different experience.  Let's just say that a lot more goes into preparing for a blizzard when you live in the country.


The first round of snow hit us on the 20th and provided 2 days off from school for the kids.


Westynn stayed busy getting our driveway cleared off with his tractor! Bless his heart...we were able to get out of the garage for a day or two!


But, then his dad threw a shovel of snow on him and the fun was over!!



That same Dad quickly redeemed himself though!! He spent about an hour getting the snowmobile running so we could have the BEST time sledding!!


We seriously have the best dad...there were a TON of other things he needed to be taking care of, but he found a little time to have fun with us! THANK YOU DAD!




Grandma Janis was even convinced to get on the sled...but Dad had to PROMISE not to go too fast!! I'll let you be the judge of whether or no he kept his promise :)

Then on the night of the 24th we got another BLIZZARD!! This time we had made the decision to stay at Jeremy's parents house because we only have one generator and if the electricity did go out, it would be better to all be stranded in the same place. So we packed up a couple days worth of clothes Sunday evening after baths and headed to Grandma's. The kids got 2 MORE days off of school.


NO ONE was happy about that!

We stayed at the ranch house until Tuesday afternoon about 3:00 when we all 5 loaded up on the 4-wheeler and Jeremy brought us home. As we were leaving, Westynn hollered back to Grandma, "That was a fun sleepover!"  

We had electricity, but we were snowed in still. SO...the kids got a 5th snow day!! Like an early spring break.

FINALLY on Wednesday evening {Cambree's birthday} we got cleared out and I was able to leave the house on Thursday.

This is what it looked like though...

That drift was up to the windows on our 4x4 pickup!!

It was nice to have the moisture, but WOW!! It would be nice to spread it out just a bit.

Of course, there is always the aftermath of this much snow...



Lots and lots of mud!


Becky said...

I was so happy that snow melted!! Your snowmobile looks like lots of fun!

Grandma Robin said...

I am jealous of the sledding...NOT jealous of the mud....I want a snow day only on a nice day....