March Wrap Up

Well, am I the only one who finds it very hard to believe that March is clearly behind us?

I mean, seriously, didn't it just start? Wasn't Cambree's birthday just last week?

For one thing, doesn't the beginning of April mean we are supposed to have sunshine and warm skies? I haven't seen the sun since the last of March...what's up with that? Jeremy and I were both commenting at noon how we needed to see some sun!

Here's a little of how we wrapped up March around here.

Playing Kings and Queens...this is what happens when your kids watch too much Narnia!


They had a blast pretending to be Kings and Queens and I was relieved, because it was good chunk of a weekend without fighting and arguing! SCORE one for mom :)



There has been plenty of work on the ranch as well. We are right in the middle of calving season, so a lot of Jeremy's day is spent checking for new calves and tagging them. Westynn and I 'tagged' along one morning...get it? Tagged along? Okay, here's the evidence!




The momma's don't look too kindly on people messing with their new babies!!


Recording who goes with who.



During the nice weather we enjoyed last week, we got our 40 Thuja Green Giants planted on the north side of our house. It was a TON of work, but hopefully will be worth it.

Ya know, in 30 years!



Oh, and can I just tell you that I had the BEST dressed helper ever that day!


He refused to put his shirt back on after lunch. Jeremy told him he needed to wear that when we went to college and Westynn replied, "yeah, and get a horse!" I told him he would get all the ladies for sure. He said, "i know."

He had us rolling before we could even get started.


Can't you just see this picture on a wedding slideshow someday? If I ever decide to let him leave home that is!!


Grow babies GROW!!


We also celebrated Easter, but that's another post...or two!!

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