Easter ~ Part 1

So our Easter was CRAM packed full of fun, food and activities!!

It started with the Annual Easter Egg Hunt at the park in Coldwater.

Hey, does that Easter Bunny look familiar to you?


Preston deemed himself too old for egg hunts, so he got recruited to help his little brother. Which turned out to be perfect because Westynn wouldn't pick up the eggs on his own. He would run back to me after each one. Plus, I think Preston liked the idea of being involved somehow.




Cambree Jane was WAY TOO FAST and had all of her eggs collected before I could get a picture of her. But I did manage to get one of her waiting in line to get a prize. Look at all those gaps in her mouth...it's a wonder she can eat solids!!


After the egg hunt was over we hurried home to finish getting ready for our Easter Egg party. We invited friends out to the house to dye Easter eggs. It was BYOE...Bring Your Own Eggs...and bring a finger food for lunch. Our entire bar and buffet was filled with food and there were eggs in dye all over the place!!

IMG_6059 IMG_6061 IMG_6062 IMG_6057

Stole this idea from Pinterest and it worked like a charm!



Look at that big GRIN...he was big stuff!



These latex gloves were another HUGE hit! I originally bought them thinking that mom's could use them to help rescue eggs, but the kids all wanted them as soon as I said the word gloves...


This is right before Westynn told Cooper, "eat you knockhead"...whatever a knockhead is?!




After all that egg dyeing, everyone was famished and we dug into the massive amounts of food that were brought. I must say that we have friends who bring delicious food!!



Then, because it was such a beautiful day, everyone headed outside to enjoy our gorgeous yard...cough, cough. Sorry, I meant our still dead grass, wonky trampoline, giant dirt pile, trash pit {oh, yes, Leasa had to come ask me if I allowed my kids to play in it because Westynn told her I did...oiy!!} and go-kart!!




This is right after Cooper came and asked Westynn and Easton {yes, those are their real names...luckily they'll be in different classes :) } if they wanted to go over to that mountain {aka dirt pile} and play Mountain Men. Uh, DUH?!! They were off in a flash and Ryder was soon trying to climb to the top as well!!


Fill 'er up.


The line for the go-kart was LONG and like a revolving door...get off, go to back of line!


This one was MUCH happier outside than inside!


I had wanted to do this last year, but we just were NOT settled into the house enough for me to think about it. This year, however, was a different story and this was a BLAST!! It was super low-key, relatively cheap to host and I think kids and moms enjoyed it equally as well. There were plenty of helping hands for the eggs and I think the kiddos liked doing it with their friends.

It was a unanimous vote that this become a tradition and as I pointed out, it will only get easier because our kids will get older {which sort of makes me a little sad}. Matter of fact, I got a text from Hilary after the party telling me that her daughter Molly was already asking if they could have a party like that at their house!! I would say that is the measure of a successful event...wouldn't you?!

Next post ~ More Easter!!

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