WW album

Do you know how you measure how bad a mother is?

By how many years since her child's birth that she has let his Wednesday album just sit in a file on the computer.

But, alas...no more!

I {for some unknown reason} have felt compelled to get back into my memory keeping hobby again. And I thought there was no better way to jump back in than to work on something that has needed to be finished for way TOO long!!

Here's the cover and the first 4 weeks.

cover_first page

week 1

week 2

week 3

week 4

Here's a little something to make you smile


The Murphy's said...

So are you doing the "Wednesday book" online or in a scrapbook? Shawn Miller did one for Brynlee and I would like to make one for the girls. I know I have weekly pics of them just need to put it all together.
And your video and Tara both had me laughing. I need to figure out videos on the blog!

Tara Woolfolk said...

I love it!! I too have got to get some baby books put together. I was not a good Mom and have good scrapbooks for my boys!! Projects I will get to someday!! In the meantime taking videos is hilarious!!