The Great American Road Trip {Day 5 & Day 6}

Day 5 of our vacation didn't go quite as we had planned.  Our original goal was to head to Montana this day to Battle of Little Bighorn, before circling back home.  However, as we were eating breakfast Jeremy noticed on the t.v. that the weather channel was talking about severe weather in the are.  Back in our room we pulled the weather up on the internet and sure enough, they were predicting severe thunderstorms that included up to baseball size hail right along our drive and into Montana.

We opted out of driving into storms and changed our itinerary to include Devil's Tower.  Jeremy wanted to go and see it at least once.  It was about a 2.5 hour drive from Rapid City and once we got there, there wasn't much to do since we had no desire to go rock climbing up it!




That was the last of our sight seeing expeditions, but not the end of our fun! We left Devil's Tower and headed south until we reached Wheatland, SD where we found another hotel with a pool and called it a day. We spent the evening eating pizza and swimming in the pool...twice before bed! The kids were beyond excited about that!

Before falling asleep that night Jeremy said that he wanted to get a fairly early start the next morning because we still have about 9-10 hours of driving to go before home. The next morning when I woke up about 6:30, I went ahead and got in the shower. Just as I got out this is what happened...


OH YES!!! That is a firetruck!

As I was drying off the fire alarms went off in the hotel. Jeremy, Westynn and Cambree were quickly up out of their beds and getting dressed. I was putting clothes on as fast as I could all while throwing our stuff in bags. Preston on the other hand, turned over, asked what that noise was, and then turned back over and pulled the sheet up over his head! Jeremy went over to the bed and pulled the sheet back and said in a loud voice...FIRE!...Preston flew out of bed and had our suitcases packed before I was even completely dressed....it was so funny!

Jeremy checked the hall and didn't see or smell smoke so we went ahead and brushed our teeth and combed our hair....we were right next to the exit, so we figured we had a little extra time. As we walked outside with our bags and wet heads, all the other hotel guests were in the parking lot...staring at us!

We sat outside with everyone else for about 10 minutes...then the firetruck showed up! It's a good thing there didn't really seem to be a fire, because the whole place could have been in serious trouble by the time they arrived. Someone must have given them a heads up that it wasn't serious.

We ended up getting a pretty good start to the day and managed to get home about 6:30 that evening. I was able to get a couple of loads of laundry done before we crawled into our own beds and slept like logs for the next 9-10 hours!!  All of us survived...yes, all of us!  I won't say there weren't some tense moments, but hopefully everyone will remember the good times...like Jeremy and I reliving our youth listening to Boyz II Men & Backstreet Boys and singing at the top of our lungs!

Here's a few more pics from our trip that I just really like!

Forcing Jeremy to take selfies with me!

Tire trouble on the 4th...of all days!

Too tired to enjoy the beautiful drive to Mt. Rushmore.

This is what happens when you have to pee on a 67 mile stretch of nothing!

Not quite as fast as I used to be...it was the shoes...flip flops are impossible to run fast in!


Splash...water bomb!

Indian beads in rainbow colors...I was in LOVE!

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Melanie said...

I sure enjoyed my mini vacation through your blog!! What a fun trip you had. .thanks for sharing!