That Girl!

I had to write this post this morning while it was still fresh on my mind...and because it is so darn cute.

Yesterday afternoon Preston and I had eye dr appointments in Greensburg.  That meant that the littles would be staying with Jeremy for a couple of hours.  He was working on some new fence up by our house and finishing a little bit of mowing here.

When I left Westynn was watching Mike the Knight and CJ was looking at Pinterest while they waited for J to get off the mower.  As I sat in the eye dr's office waiting {almost 45 minutes past my appt time!} I pulled up my Pinterest app....only to discover that CJ had been a pinning fool while I was gone!

Here's a link to her board.  Cambree on Pinterest.

Go take a look at it and scroll down until you see the friendship bracelet and the headphones....everything above that SHE PINNED HERSELF!!  And you have to read some of the captions that are with the stuff she pinned...it seems so silly when you think that she is a seven year old girl!

Apparently, she LOVES horses, wants a white tiger and ombre hair, animal print nails and a few things from Justice...oh that girl!


The Murphy's said...

Lol, I was going to ask you about some of the clothing I saw tagged to Cambree's board. Kinda mature. Lol

Tara Woolfolk said...

Wow she was a busy girl!! Such interesting pins! I wonder what Jeremy would say about some of that! Too Funny!

Melanie said...

Too funny!!