Inspired to Grow

I have this friend, Melanie.

I'm not sure how long I've known her...at least 13 years since she and her hubby, also Jeremy, were our landlords when Jeremy and I first got married.  But I haven't really KNOWN her until the past several months.  

I began following her blog and being green with envy over her beautiful gardens and manicured yard.  I also love keeping up with her family activities...because I can remember when her two oldest were Westynn's age and J and I would periodically see them emerge from the tree row that separated our houses in just their underwear!!  While seeing that they are in H.S. now does make me feel OLD, I think they are still pretty cute ;).  Grant even still waves at me on the street and calls my name to say hi...makes this OLD lady feel good!

Anyways, Mel has never been shy about sharing her faith and posting a Bible verse or two in amongst her posts.  She has even suggested books and Bible studies to me based on comments I made on her blog.  At the end of the summer she asked if I would be interested in an online Bible study that would last 4 months and would go through 4 books of the Bible.  I JUMPED on board, mostly for accountability, but I had no idea what I would be gaining from it!  We finished 1 John in September and I read that book about 28 times that month.  We discussed with our group via email things that jumped out at us, things we didn't understand and Melanie added several things to our study.  We have moved on to Galatians this month, but Melanie is re-playing the 1 John study on her blog right now!!

She has REALLY been being faithful to her calling, which I believe to be teaching, and when she felt the call to blog her Bible study she prayed about it and then moved forward!

If you don't know Jesus hop on over to her blog and dig into 1 John.

If you've been a Christian for awhile but feel like you are inadequate...hop on over.  There's no time like the present to learn.

If you are a scholar...hop on over and offer your insight to the study.

There really will be something for everyone there.  And I have been inspired by Mel to not only deepen my knowledge and in turn my relationship with Christ.  But I have also been inspired to move forward finding my spiritual gifts and then using them for HIS glory!!


Melanie said...

I AM humbled!! And thank you sooo much for getting the word out!! I am so excited about what I am learning myself. .and excited to see how God is working in your life too!! Keep up the great work!

ConnieW said...


g said...

This is a challenge for me....I am in a struggle with my attitude....I might be a little stubborn.....