Mini Cheer Camp 2013

The beginning of school brings one of the most anticipated and exciting events in the lives of young South Central girls!!

Mini Cheer Camp!!

An overnight affair that finds them in their jammies and sleeping bags on the high school cafeteria floor under the careful supervision of the SCHS cheerleaders.

I remember going to this camp when I was Cambree's age and dreaming of the day when I would get to be one of the BIG girls...and when that day did come, OH it was so amazing!! Cheerleading holds my fondest memories from middle school and high school. To see Cambree loving it as much as me...well it just makes my heart aflutter ;)


They go on Thursday evening and spend until Friday at noon. Then they come back Friday night to the high school football game where they get to perform at half-time ON the football field!! It's a really exciting time.

Two groups emerge...the little girls and the big girls. Cambree is still in the little girl group, but she has a BIG personality!


It was pretty dark by half-time and I had only packed one lens...so my pics turned out a little dark, but it doesn't change how much fun Cambree had or how much fun I had watching her!




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Melanie said...

Cami loved it too!! We have been waiting patiently until she was big enough. It took her a full 3 days to recover..so we will have to weigh that out next year :-)