Christmas Questions ~ Day 15

How do you decorate your tree?

I have two trees this year...first time ever!!  But I'm loving it, because I got to use 2/3 of my decorations this year.  On our big tree downstairs we put all our handmade ornaments and all the ornaments we've collected through the years.  It has mine and Jeremy's childhood ornaments as well as the collections we've started for the kids.  It's a BIG, fake evergreen tree that is pre-lit, but I have to add lights to because one portion is burnt out...ARGH!  Never buy a pre-lit tree...HUGE PAIN!

My second tree is a white tree with multi-colored lights that I bought after Christmas one year at wal-mart for less than $10 bucks!!  This year I put all the vintage ornaments...okay, not all, but most...that I've collected from garage sales and auctions and friends over the years!  I LOVE IT!!  All of these ornaments are glass and the lights just reflect off of them...it's gorgeous!  And I have to wonder about all the other trees these ornaments have graced over the years and the families they've been a part of!

{If I wasn't so far behind this is where I would post pictures of my trees....maybe another day!}

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Megan said...

We have a pre-lit tree...with a section that doesn't work!

I have ornaments from my childhood, ones that Jackson has made, and my handprints that Great-Grandma Betty made us when we were kids.