Christmas Questions ~ Day 14

What's your go-to gift for neighbors, bus drivers, teachers, UPS delivery guy, postal carrier, Sunday School teachers...etc?

I don't really have a go-to gift.  I usually mix it up every year.  But since I worked at the school I know that these people get a LOT of cookies and sweet stuff!!  I would have days upon days where my desk was covered with food gifts.  Not that I wasn't appreciative, and of course my family approved, but I like to challenge myself to think out of the box a little and get creative!!

Last year I did a homemade hand scrub and put them in tiny  mason jars with twine and a cute tag!  Well, I guess I should say I did that for the ladies...I made food for the guys ;)

This year I got a super great bargain on personalized clocks for the kids teachers and for everyone else I'm going the food route, but not sweet.  Homemade salsa's and sauces....which reminds me...MOM, can' I buy some jars from you????

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Megan said...

This year, I made reindeer out of glass coke bottles and Jackson and I mixed up a "Christmas Crunch" snack mix for his teachers at school.