Christmas Questions ~ Day 4

4. Does Santa wrap the presents or just sit them under the tree? 

Definitely WRAP!!  It's mostly because I know that my kids would just dive right in and I would miss all the excitement on their little faces if he just left them under the tree.  He does leave their stockings out in plain sight and I do love to hear their little excited voices carry into our bedroom as they dig through their new treasures. Like last year when Westynn discovered the hand sanitizers in his stocking and he ran to show me what Santa brought him..."Santa brought me these Mom!!!!"


Melanie said...

Wrapped. .for the same reason. .I would never get to see how excited they were!! Stockings are always heard being rustled through first. .and then the sound of the "sorting of the presents." So when we are finally encouraged out of bed. .the stockings are out and the gifts are sorted and ready to be demolished!!

Melissa said...

Unwrapped...out in plain sight. It is how Santa brought presents to me as a little girl and how I continued when Harper was born. My kids know to close their eyes and walk quietly to our rooms. They wake us up...I grab the camera and the frenzy is on! Love sharing all of our holiday traditions and fun here!

Megan said...

We wrap the ones under the tree, and the SANTA gifts are usually unwrapped, and stuffed anywhere and everywhere around the stockings!