Coldwater UMC Christmas Program

Yes, you CAN call this one a program :)

Our kids Sunday School program is pretty small at our church...as you can see. Just 4 kids old enough to have speaking/reading parts and just 3 little ones who "try" to sing along. I missed the program because I wasn't feeling well.

The big kids did some reading about the Advent wreath and all the kids sang a couple of songs....



Westynn's friend, Pat H., had to come to the rescue because I guess he was having a bit of a fit and didn't want to sing! Thanks to Pat for making sure my kids behave when I'm not there :)


Melissa said...

I LOVE Cambree's dress! Super cute!

Grandma Robin said...

We were SAD you got sick and missed this...but it was a GREAT PROGRAM cause they are excellent readers and the sing LOUD!!!!!