School Christmas Concert


The beginning of December always means it's time for our school Christmas concert {don't call it a program...my kiddos will correct you right away, lol!}

This year as a fourth grader, Preston's class had the privilege of being the STARS of the show! They had the speaking parts and got to dress in costumes. Preston played the role of "elf," and forgot to mention the fact that he needed a costume! I found out on Friday before the concert on Tuesday! I think it turned out to be a pretty darn cute costume for such short notice. The shoe covers didn't work quite as well as I had planned, but that's just the way it goes sometimes. Hey, if he would have just stood still they would have been perfect :)


Cambree, as a second grader, was part of the choir with the third graders. They sing the songs that coincide with the 4th grade acting parts.




It was a fun evening...despite the fact that Jeremy caught the stomach flu earlier that day and had to miss the concert!

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Grandma Robin said...

He was a PERFECT elf and she is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!... I love Children's Christmas Concerts....they will remain my favorites for many years to come...