January 2014

I continue to amaze myself with how behind I can manage to get!  Seriously....it's ridiculous.

So, once again I'll be trying to compile a HUGE list of things we did during an entire month!

I taught Preston some cooking skills.  He commented, "Mom, you know the good thing about learning to cook?  I'll be able to eat in college!"  At least he's getting it :)


Played some serious board games...lots of strategy involved!


Westynn played and played with his new castle and knights and kings and horses....


Then he entertained himself in the sink while I prepped for Cooking Ladies:


We went to OKC to Uncle Russ' house and met Papa Rusty and Jennifer there to have our Christmas together.


The kids all got their own Kindle Fire's from Papa & Jennifer....happy dances!!


And thank you hugs


and then they were engrossed in their games the rest of the day


Then to cap that day off we took the whole fam-bam to Walgreens to get our flu shots! That was fun :)

Jeremy, the man who has never taken a kid for a vacination in his life, volunteered to go in with Westynn while I continued to work on the paperwork. SUCKER!!! We could hear him screaming through the door...OOPS, I guess I should have warned Jeremy. But, my dark side just couldn't say anything. I had to let that one play out; and of course I got to be the good guy for once when West came out of the exam room. :)

He walked around the store holding his right arm like this while we waited on P & C.


Then he showed me how long the needle they used was.


P was a tough guy and made it through without a tear.


Preston did an AWESOME job of showing compassion for Westynn and really taking care of him. Westynn showed him his battle wound and told him all about it. Preston really listened and empathized with him....makes a mama's heart melt!


This girl...No Problem! She came out smiling and showing off her guns!


We went to our friends' the Barlow's in Oklahoma for a weekend visit and the kids had an executive meeting in Melissa's board room! I think it was mostly monkey business!


The little boys made a ketchup tower at Tucker's...silly boys!


Dad got the dirt bike that Jace gave Westynn back in running order. THIS was fun to watch....Jeremy trying to keep up with Westynn on the throttle. HILARIOUS!



Cambree didn't need help and I don't think she's gone more than a couple of days without riding this thing.


Finally, we got some good time in on the "court."




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