12 days of Christmas

Today is the beginning of the 12 days of Christmas and I have issued myself a challenge to document the things I am most grateful for/make me happy/I enjoy about the holidays. Then my goal after that is to create a little mini album with photos/journaling...and make one each year and pull them all out to look at each year. I think it will be fun as the years go by and the kids grow and our lives continue to change.

Today...playing wrestling with our doo-rags on, while the christmas tree lights twinkle behind us and it snows outside! What intrigues me so much about this scene is that even though my kids know that Christmas is coming it doesn't stop them for imagining and playing. To them it is not December 14th and only 12 days left to get all the holiday shopping and preparing done, it's just Sunday afternoon and they get to play wrestling in the house. The other thing I love about this picture is that this is the third day Cambree Jane has worn this shirt around the house. We keep putting it in the laundry basket and she keeps digging it out and telling me "I found my bear shirt!" I probably would have soon forgotten this little thing she did, but now it is going to be documented for us to remember next year and the next and the next!

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