Fun with Friends

Okay, I apologize to Kara and John for this post taking me a week, but that is just how we roll around here sometimes!

Last Sunday, we went to John and Kara's and just hung out! It was so much fun to be {BE} with friends....not have any party plans to work on, not have to fit conversations in amongst other guests. Just some one on one time alone to catch up and rejuvenate.

John grilled burgers {why didn't I photograph this?} Kara fixed a mean pasta salad and some gooey brownies and rice krispie treats! It was a perfect lunch...simple and delicious!


Then we just sat around and watched the kids play. Jeremy and John talked hunting, Kara and I talked babies....CAUSE she is having another one too we just found out! Congrats to them! And then the kids played in the sprinkler.


Jaris didn't like it so much...it was COLD!


But my kids thought it was fun for about 15 minutes and then they thought it was cold! So, everyone climbed into the sandbox to get sand stuck in all their nooks and crannies!


Thanks Eitzens for a fun day. Hope we get to do it again sometime!

p.s. For all you faithful readers...I will post later about our stop at a veteran's memorial on the way home {they had REAL army tanks!} But right now I have to go get ready to go see this movie! Gotta get some clothes off the line and get the kids stuff out so Grandma can come over and watch them!

I'm off to the movies!

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