Kids charts

To cure summer boredom, I took this idea and adapted it to meet the needs of my kids. Stacy does this for her older children, but I thought I could make it work for my kids, to keep them from getting bored and to also help them stay focused on certain things during the summer.

I started with a digital template and then created a card for each kid that has activities they enjoy doing or that I would like to see them do more. Most of them are things they can complete on their own or with each other, but there are a few that involve Mom.

I haven't decided yet if there will be something for them once they complete all the squares...I am leaning towards not, because I can see them getting in a hurry to complete the cards to get to the reward and that isn't what I am going for. I want them to jump-start from these ideas....to get creative, to play longer and to think outside of the box while they play. We will see how well it works!

Below is a copy of each kids card. I think you can click on them and see them larger if you want to. I would also be willing to share my idea with you other parents! Just let me know if you want a copy and I will change the name to your kid's name and change any activities that don't work for you. Just let me know if you want to give it a try!
Cambree chart

Preston chart

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Melissa said...

Such a fun idea! Not to mention they look cute too!