It Finally Happened!

CJ haircut

Look closely!

Can you tell what shinanigans Cambree played on Monday?

Yep, that's right!

She CUT her hair and it only took her about 1.2 seconds of being un-supervised for it to happen!

About 2 minutes after Jeremy left to go back to work from lunch, she disappeared into her room while I was changing Westynn. Upon her return, I noticed her new do and asked, "Did you cut your hair?"

C: "No"

Mom: "Who cut it?"

C: "No one."

Mom: "Well someone did, I can tell by looking at it. Did you do it?"

C: "No."

Mom: "I think you did cut it. Why did you cut it?"

C: "It was in my face."

Logical explanation for taking the safety scissors from the school box to your hair! Don't ya think?

All I can say is thank goodness she seems to have some natural talent in this area and she cut it on the angle and it isn't a blunt cut right across the front. It is actually kind of cute, but it is definitely going to be in her face now!


It was too cute to get upset over and this is the sad part...my first thought was this is going to make a great blog post! Every little girl cuts her own hair {or her brothers on family picture day} at some point. Why not document it for the entire world to see!

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mom said...

WE (you) should scan in that family photo of when 'you' did not do it.... to you and your brother right before a family photo shot...he was sitting on his hands AND had a wash cloth around his neck...when YOU dropped the scissors....i remember it like it was yesterday...LLLOOOLLL