Lots going on!

Here is Westynn at two weeks old! I can't believe we are only two days away from 3 weeks!


On Friday morning Cambree started gymnastics! She was so excited about it and wasn't shy at all about doing the activities.

{FYI: Preston took this picture while we were having class...he might have a future here!}

The FREEZE part of the freeze game. It took her awhile to figure out that she actually has to listen to the music to know when to stop!

Friday evening we attended the first South Central football game of the year! It was in Coldwater and the kids couldn't wait to go.


Somehow I always end up being the "community" mom at ballgames. And I admit that this time I ended up sending kids back to their parents because I was just too tired to make everyone else's kids behave! At one point I even mentioned that I was the mom who just had a baby two weeks ago. Needless to say, I didn't feel too bad about sending everyone on their way in the third quarter...In the boys defense, they did have fun and were all happy to see each other! And they were funny to watch and listen to {for awhile anyway}!

This is funny family joke now! My brother Megan brought home his girlfriend Megan!
Russ: you knew I would post this on my blog, so no rude comments!

Russ came home to meet his newest nephew and to bring his girlfriend home to meet us and so we could meet her.

Megan & Preston trying to get Russ back during a Wedgie War! What are uncles better for than teaching their nieces and nephews to give wedgies??

Today Cambree, Westynn and I are just hanging out at home, trying to get the laundry caught up. Westynn has been having some tummy troubles so we are also trying to work those out and get some much needed rest around here.

Aunt Janelle and Uncle Jeff, Jace and Jordyn will be here later this week and on Saturday, so we need to get rested up so that we can play with them when they get here! We have heard that Jordyn is walking now, so it could be a real zoo!

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