Happy Birthday to Cambree!


Yesterday was Cambree Jane's 4th birthday! And we had to start the day with our traditional, Birthday morning cinnamon rolls. If you haven't read our blog before, we always have cinnamon rolls with sprinkles and a candle on the morning of our birthdays! Usually this happens on a seperate day from their party day, but this year the party was on her actual birthday.


Our theme this year was "butterflies" and it was a ton of fun!
Cambree and I decorated this butterfly cake and it was so cute and I heard that it tasted pretty good too!


Here's Cambree with all her "loot" before she opened it all!

There was a lot of crafty things and clothes...she LOVED it all!



Her papa Jene got her a new motorcycle shirt and she told him, "That's funny, Papa!" I am glad, because now we can have a rotation!


Cambree blew out the candle on her cake...

...and then cut the BIGGEST piece of cake I have ever seen for a 4 year old!


And then she didn't even eat any of it! But she did drink a lot of punch!


Ate a little ice cream!


It was such a nice day outside that we spent a great afternoon outdoors playing in the sunshine with all our friends!


Cambree Jane, you are definitely one special girl! I am so very glad that I get to spend my days with you.  You remind me of myself in so many ways and I just love you more than you know!  At four years old you are already someone I am proud of...you are becoming a little lady right before my eyes.  You are smart and witty and never cease to make us laugh and smile.  I LOVE it that you are so crafty and love to spend time with me "makin' things."  I adore the sense of humor that you get from your dad.  You know that it's okay to be a strong person and hold your own, but you also know the importance of showing your affection.  I am just so proud to be your Momma and I cherish every single moment I have with you!  Happy Birthday, Sweetheart!


Meg said...

How fun! I wish I could've been a little girl having fun at that party! :)

Anonymous said...

Precious fun! You are an awesome Momma!


BTW ~ Love the hair transformation from early morning to party time!

Melissa said...

Thanks for a great time on Saturday! It was a beautiful day to celebrate a beautiful 4 year old girl!