Bad Boy

So, Jeremy got to put his mechanic skills, photography skills and bad boys skilz to work this week!  {Oh, I crack myself up!}

The bank repo'd this motorcycle a few months back and now that the weather is nicer they decided it was time to sell it off.  Jeremy got the task on Wednesday of getting it shined up and ready to sell.  He spent some time down there during business hours polishing and photographing.  However, he couldn't get it to idle right, so after a phone conversation with his dad and a trip to the parts store he headed back to the storage unit to see if he could get the beast a going.  He was like a little kid, so excited about his project.  It took awhile, but after some new gas and a jump start, it was rarin' to go!!

The kids were just as excited as Jeremy and thought that he DEFINITELY should buy this motorcycle.  So, after he got it to run past an idle he took the kids {Preston & Cambree} for a spin around the storage unit.  AND, because Jeremy really, secretly wants to be a bad boy, he made me get on and take a ride with him!

The best part of the evening was after the joy rides for me and the kids that Jeremy said, "I am just going to drive out to Feed & Seed and then right back."  Well after what I thought should have been plenty of time for that short trip I told the kids we would wait a couple more minutes and then we would go out to check that everything was okay.  About 2 minutes later, we saw him coming down the highway.  He ended up driving to the lake before deciding to turn around!  What a Bad Boy!

Later that evening he wanted to know what he reallly looked like on the motorcycle and I told him, "Don't worry, you looked real bad!"  We both just laughed!  It does me good to see him show a little excitement about something other than football, hunting and cows.  If I knew the high wouldn't wear off soon it would be so worth it to buy the bike!

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