Play Ball!

We successfully survived another year of summer ball.

Baseball that is.

This year was 2x's the fun ~ Cambree played T-ball and Preston played D.P. (designated pitch).

Thankfully this didn't mean twice the travel. They were on the same schedule, so while we were at the same places on the same night most of the time, we did have to split up once or twice. Or not really split up, but drive REALLY fast from one location to another.

Cambree really got the step and throw down this year!

She only got to play infield a handful of times and that really frustrated her, because she liked the catching and throwing, and she was pretty good at it. She did great when she was infield and the rest of the time she looked great in the outfield!


She also improved as the month went on hitting the ball.



Preston's D.P. season wasn't as successful as he was hoping it would be, but they did a great job! Consistency was their main enemy. We had a really terrific game, followed by a couple where we would struggle.

However, I feel like Preston improved through it all and really started to get an even better feel for the game. He does seem to enjoy it regardless!




Here's to one more season under our belts!!

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