Cambree's Birthday Sleepover {Photo Heavy}

On Saturday Cambree invited 5 of her friends to come out and spend the night to help celebrate her 7th birthday.

Molly, Carlie, Hayden, Kailey and Harper and her mom Melissa showed up at 4:00 for the celebrating to begin!!







CJ and I made this while she was home with pink-eye!!

Once everyone had dumped their suitcases and sleeping bags in Cambree's room they spent some time just playing and enjoying the 'newness' of being at our house. It was nice because it gave Melissa and I a few minutes to catch up while I put the finishing touches on the cake and started dinner.


The tumbling mat sure did come in handy!!

Of course there was cheering!!

For dinner Saturday night Cambree choose spaghetti, texas toast and salad.




Then there was opening presents.






Cake and ice cream




By this time in the night they were high on sugar and needed to burn some energy. One of Cambree and I's favorite things to do is dance to songs on YouTube, the Learning Station, in particular. I hooked the computer up to the TV and turned the girls loose dancing! They all got hot and sweaty they worked so hard :)



They also played a quick game of flashlight tag in the basement...before deeming to too 'creepy' down there, lol!!

It had been about an hour and a half and they had worked hard, so they needed a snack. Just so happened that I thought they might, so I had a little snack bar set up for them. Popcorn bags with bowls of goodies they could add to if they wanted. Goldfish, M&M's, pretzels, marshmallows and fruit loops. Then I really spoiled them {and tortured myself} by letting them choose between Dr. Pepper, Coca Cola and 7-Up to drink!!








In my perfect world they were supposed to settle down and watch movies, but I think the overload of sugar had something to do with that NOT happening!!

FINALLY at 11:45 I made them shut the lights off and crawl into their sleeping bags. It was shortly after midnight when they stopped getting up, but I could still hear whispers and see flashlights going on and off! The first noises starting about 5:45...ugh! Way too early for this old mama!

We had a yummy breakfast of cinnamon roll waffles, grapes, milk and juice. Got dressed in our Sunday clothes and loaded up in the suburban to head off to church.


When we were planning Cambree's party I wanted to do it on a Friday night, but she insisted that we do it on Saturday so that she could take all her friends to Sunday School and church with her! It's hard to argue with something like that; and I was so proud of her for wanting to share that with her friends. It was a little crazy trying to make sure everyone got dressed and got packed up in time to make it out the door, but we managed!

I was tired on Sunday afternoon, but I wouldn't have traded this experience for a month of full-nights sleep! I love having people in my home, no matter how young or old. And having this house be so full of noise and joy and fun was just so much fun. What I enjoyed most though was just watching this group of girls interact together. Four of them are in the same grade and class in school and I don't get to see them outside of that setting much. This was my first real experience with just them...no other moms and dads, no siblings, just friends!!

Dear Cambree Jane,

Seven years old!!  I can remember the day you were born and how it was a beautiful day and the sun was shining brightly as dad drove us to the hospital.  I was feeling pretty good, even though I was in labor, and managed to apply my makeup in the car on the way!!  Daddy thought I was crazy, but I am glad I did!  Feeling like you are pretty and put together even though you are going through something hard makes it just a little better! I am sure that your namesake, Loretta Jane, would agree with me completely!

Each year when your birthday rolls around I am amazed at the changes in you and yet how you remain the same!  This year I notice that your baby look is completely gone.  Maybe it is the loss of teeth, but I think mostly it is the long hair and the skinny face and the long limbs.  I look at you and see beauty!! I hope as you grow older you will continue to believe that you are beautiful...I am going to be sure and tell you often that you are pretty.  Not only in my eyes, but in the eyes of God as well.  I think Dad is going to have to sit on the porch with a gun when it's time for dating...I can only imagine the boys that will be seeking to spend their Friday nights with you!

Far more than your beauty on the outside is your beauty on the inside.  I have been told by so many people how big your heart it and how you care so much for others.  I guess I don't really get to see that side of you much because it's hard to be that way with your brothers.  However, watching you spend time with your friends at your sleepover I realized just what they were talking about.  While it was your party, your concern was for what would make your friends feel welcome and how they could have the best time.  Hospitality runs deep within you.  I saw you sacrifice things you really wanted to do to make your friends happy.  Most people, let alone kids, would have felt some resentment at having to do that, but I could see that you were doing it willingly.  You genuinely cared about them...more than you cared about yourself.  It was a pleasure to you!!

Among all these things, I still see those same looks you used to give when you were a toddler.  They way you cover your mouth with both hands when you are surprised or think something is funny!  You still curl up next to me and Dad the same way in the chair or on the couch.  Westynn is still your buddy and you still look after him, even though he is able to drive you crazy now.  You still lack the girly urge of most girls your age.  I LOVE each and every one of those things.

My prayers for you in the next year are that you will continue to grow strong and healthy.  That you will keep that tender, loving heart no matter what life throws you.  That Westynn will always be your buddy and that you will look out for him always like you do now.  That your wings start to spread just a little and that you start to experience some independence and life away from the nest.  That you always remember your roots.  That when you are away you will hear my voice in your ear!  That church will always be important to you and that your faith will grow.  That you will experience the love of God and be able to share your story with others.

Cambree Jane, my heart is so full of love for you it is hard to believe there's room for anyone else!  Looking at you and seeing so much of myself reflected back is one of my greatest joys!  You are truly a precious young girl; one I am extremely grateful for and proud of!!



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Melanie said...

Just gotta say. .I LOVE all those pictures of little toothless girls! Precious!! Tristan has always been my kid that wants to make sure his friends know where he stands with God. .and he wants to know where they are too!! It does make a mama's heart glad!!