Westynn Had a Baby!

Last Thursday Jeremy called to report that Westynn's heifer had had her calf!!

That's exciting stuff around these parts because she was the last of the kids heifers to calve. He had been waiting a LONG time to get to tag his new baby.

Westynn tags calf3

westynn tags calf2

Westynn tags calf

We got lucky and his heifer had her calf, also a girl, next to the fence and she had scooted under the fence. It worked out perfectly because the mama was a grumpy mama and she didn't want us messing with her new baby. I was glad they had that fence between them and the heifer so that Westynn could tag his own calf. He did have to have a little help from his dad to get her on the ground, but he put the tag in her ear "all by myself."

I however was a nervous mama trying to get a picture of the guys while keeping a close eye on the cow. I snapped these quickly and jumped back in the pickup!

I hope to go back out and get a better picture of his calf, because she is an adorably faced black baldy {I am partial to those...probably because Jeremy doesn't like them so I feel bad for them!}


Becky said...

AHHH!! How cute!!

Melanie said...

Good for Westyn. .now he's a REAL rancher!!