2nd & 4th

Monday brought an abrupt hault to our summer.

And I have mixed emotions about that.

Summer was SHORT! We didn't get to do everything on our summer fun list.

Summer was LONG! Endless bickering and fighting {or so it seemed some days}.

It felt like we were preparing to go back to school WAY too early...yet not early enough. How does that work exactly?!

Preston started 4th grade with Mrs. Herd as his teacher.


CJ started 2nd grade with Mrs. Kay.


These are from back to school night last Thursday. I always make them take pictures this night too because I like to have pics with their backpacks. Plus, this is where I can get pics with their teachers!

First Day of School_CJ Collage



This big deal in 2nd Grade is getting to use a locker!! Cambree was super excited to get to decorate {which consisted of my hanging some wrapping paper and a couple pics of her brothers!}


First Day of School fun!

First Day Collage_P&CJ

Before leaving CJ turned the tables on us...she took the camera and made us pose for our first day of school picture!


I promise I did change out of those sweatpants shortly after that photo!

The big kids hopped on the bus


and I pretended to cry as we walked back into the house.

Then this guy


said to me, "I'm still here!"

To which I replied, "Indeed you are! Let's get breakfast :)"


Melanie said...

I love that photo with their fingers marking the grade number!! Cool! The first week is "out of here!" Here's to a good 2013-2014!

Becky said...

?? Cambree is REALLY in the 2nd grade??? Where oh where does the time go?

I know I am in the minority, but gosh I sure do get sad sending my boys back to school. BUT!! I get a lot more done during the day..and it stays cleaner longer! ;)

Hope they have a great year..and that adorable guy in his undies--can you please squeeze him a little for me? He looks so loveable!