After School

As I was catching up on some blog reading last week, I came across this Back to School post from 71toes.  Towards the end she talks about her tradition of an after-school cookie chat.  I immediately put that in the ol' memory bank as a definite TO DO!


So Monday morning as the kids were going through their first day of 2nd and 4th grades {and after I changed out of those sweatpants} I baked up a batch of their favorite chocolate chip cookies and waited anxiously for them to get off the big yellow bus.


And I'll be...it worked! They just talked and talked about their 1st day!!


Preston hasn't been this excited about school in a LONG time! Last year was a long one for him and he really was not looking forward to going back. But after just 5 hours with Mrs. Herd, he was excited about school again...how grateful I am for that!


Cambree had to interrupt Preston to get a word in, but she managed to tell me how great her classroom is! Mrs. Kay let them explore the room and she thought that was totally awesome!!

School has officially kicked off and we are already in high gear. Preston has had 3 football practices already and our calendar is getting full with activities. Cambree starts dance and tumbling in a couple of weeks and it will be full throttle from here until May!


Melanie said...

Great idea!! Seems like all of time goes fast. .not just summer. .and before you know it. .we will be saying. .This school year went by soooo fast!! Crazy!

Becky said...

What a great idea!! One of my favorite thing is to just sit and listen to my pre-schoolers chat during snack right after school!