Happy {4th} Birthday Westynn!

Monday this guy


turned FOUR!!

I know I say it everytime a kid has a birthday, but seriously, HOW did that happen?

I can still vividly remember the ride to the hospital, the first visit from P & CJ, the trip home and our first hours at home. Now, he's begging for me to push him on the swings, to catch one more catch or to come and see his latest project.

Four, practically a man!

We celebrated on Saturday with a BIG BASH!
We did it up super hero style.
A Captain America theme was chosen many....many months ago.
I think {biased opinion that it is} that it turned out wonderfully!

Here's a few photos of the decor:
CA Birthday Decor

Westynn picked his {some of} his favorite foods for lunch.

He originally wanted BBQ meatballs, spaghetti, mac & cheese and pizza. I made him choose just one...that was too many main dishes for me! So, he chose meatballs, mac & cheese and homemade rolls. I selected the green beans so that we could say there was at least one fruit or veggie :)

I made a cake that looked like Captain America's shield.


And thanks to Pinterest I was able to make it look like an American flag when it was cut into!

CA Birthday Cake

It looked cool and it made a big impact for relatively simple effort.

When it was time for presents, the room got very noisy!

CA Birthday Gifts

Most of it had to do with all the Root Beer that West pulled out. Let's see, I think he ended up with 2 2-liters, 2 six packs, 2 mini six packs, and an 8 pack of bottles. We're gonna be on a R.B. hangover here for quite some time! He also scored 4 boxes of Honey Buns, his favorite snack food. Every time he pulled a root beer or a honey bun from a bag the other kids would just holler with delight!


Then he got the one thing he kept telling everyone he wanted....


A phone case!

I know, what 4 year old wants a phone case? And let me just say for the record that he doesn't have a phone...at least not one that works! BUT, he wanted one because Jeremy has one. How could you deny a request like that?!


To finish off the gifts Papa Rusty and Jennifer sent him {and 8 of his friends} on a scavenger hunt throughout the house for the finale.


Look again at that picture...check out P & C in the background! They were just as into it as Westynn.

The prize at the end...


a roll of "bucks"!

The weather was BEAUTIFUL, so we were able to spend the afternoon outside playing with his new toys, jumping on the trampoline and swinging on the swings.

CA Birthday playtime

Dear Westynn,

You are FOUR now and that means you no longer resemble a baby at all.  You are practically half grown!  That breaks my heart into a million pieces.  I know you think I am just being silly when I tell you often that you have to stop growing, and while I am trying to get a giggle out of you I am also quite sincere that I wish you would remain little forever!

You haven't changed a lot in the last year as far as what you like and don't like.  You still love ranching with Dad and Papa, playing football and now baseball, eating a good meal.  Now that we have a sandbox and swings you enjoy spending time there.  I often hear this phrase during the course of our day, "Mom?  Want to play catch with me for a little bit?"  And I am slowly learning that playing catch with you is WAY more fun than anything else I could be doing.  So we have lots of little breaks where we play catch or swing or kick the football.  You really love to play horses too.  Whether you are pretending to be a horse and setting up a jumping course throughout the house or getting out your toy horses and showing us the mama's and the daddy's and the babies, there is ALWAYS a daddy white horse!

I feel so lucky every day that I get to spend this time with you Westynn. We have so much fun together. You make me laugh one minute and the next I want to scream.  But always, you redeem yourself and make me laugh and smile.  Dad and I will often just sit and watch you do something and smile at each other.  We don't even have to say anything but know what the other is thinking while we watch you.  I hope as you grow older and look back on this time and read my blog posts and scrapbook pages and letters you will realize how lucky YOU are also!

In only two short years you will leave and go to Kindergarten!  That sounds like a long time, but it will go by so fast.  This year we are going to start preparing for that step and I can't wait to see you absorb and learn.  I pray that I am a patient and good teacher, but I know that you will be a fantastic student.  There's no doubt that you will keep me smiling and on my toes.

The place in my heart you occupy only continues to grow as you do!  As much as my heart breaks with each milestone you reach, it also expands with joy.  Watching you grow up and being your mom is by far one of the best parts of my life.  God has blessed me; so much so that Thank You seems inadequate.

My prayer for this 4th year of your life is that you will always keep your sense of adventure, you quick wit, your gorgeous smile, that infectious belly laugh, your silliness and your giant heart.  I pray that you will soak up every minute you spend on the ranch.  I pray for your heart to long for God and that you will grow into a strong Christian man.  I pray that you will always be "my boy!"

Love you Always,


Grandma Robin said...

Ok this is the best birthday ever.. ( have said that about all of them)...the running for the cash was great...the root beer gifts...the BEST...the food and family...fun...what a sweet letter...I wish I would have done that for you and your brother....
Love this post and photos...

Melanie said...

Root beer. .What a GREAT idea!! I had never thought of a gift like that. .but one that can be consumed. .and not just cluttering up or breaking the next day. .I will remember that!! Looks like a fun day. .and the cake was AWESOME!!