The end of July always brings about our trip to Amherst. They have a town-wide celebration, but we use it as an excuse to have a family reunion!!

We all usually straggle in on Friday evening and the first big event of the weekend is the parade on Saturday morning. There's always a few participants from our family...but as you can see from above, we also occupy most of the parade route as spectators too!!






{This dairy was handing out protein shakes instead of candy...best idea of the day I thought...even though Jeremy said they weren't that good, but then again, we don't really like stuff like that! Doesn't take away from the neat idea!}

Once the parade is over, we all head down to the park where the kids can participate in the tractor pull, while the adults can visit, listen to music, bid in the silent auction and enjoy catching up with our family and friends.




Then we head back to Aunt Marie's house to chill a bit longer...eat more good food...laugh and laugh!!

Sunday after dinner, we pack up and head home with full bellies! This year we made everyone take a family photo before we let them eat lunch!!


Amherst is always...ALWAYS...so much fun and so refreshing. Even though I don't see most of that family for a year, it's always like we just saw each other last week. LOVE them!


Rhonda said...

Now that looks like a lot of fun - thanks for sharing!

Melanie said...

Looks like Cambree did a number on those two knees of hers!! We are headed home next weekend for our big weekend like yours!! This year. .my grandma will be 90. .so it will be an extra special weekend!!

ConnieW said...

Cambree's knees crack me up! What a girl!