You've got to see this to believe it


This was unprompted....unscripted...and after a major meltdown over picking up toys.

After several minutes of incessant whining from the corner, I picked up my camera and asked for the 1,000th time what he wanted...all the while just praying he would respond the same way this time as he had the 999 before.  I knew there was no way Jeremy would believe me when I told him Westynn was in trouble and begging for a spanking!

There are two parks that crack me up...the part where he tell me, "nooo, with the spoon!"

Look closely, I think you can see a little tear on his left eye!

And secondly, the part at the end when I ask him if he can pick his toys up now and he falls down and says he can't move.

I nominate this kid for an Emmy...and if I wasn't a little bit afraid of Child Services arresting me and taking my kids from me...I would send this to AFV and hope for $10,000.


Grandma Robin said...

ok....PAPA and I cried and laughed and then watched it 2 more times....He may do you in before he is raised....It would just be easier to leave his toys out for the next 12 years....sorry...you may have acted JUST LIKE THIS when you were small....

Becky said...

Ohhhmygosh I just laughed so hard, and then laughed again!! His little voice just makes me smile!

Melanie said...

Silly boy!!

Rhonda said...

Ohhhh dear! LOL!