Christmas Questions ~ Day 8

8. Do you have a love or a hate relationship with Christmas Shopping?

For me it depends on the year, and whether or not I have planned in advance and done some well ahead of time.  This year I didn't get much done early, but I went in armed with a plan and it makes it so much easier.  Also, years ago my friend, Tracy, shared with my her gift giving solution for her kids:
Something they want
Something they need
Something to read
and I forgot the 4th....Tracy help me out here.

Anyways, I modified it a little for our family and the kids all get
...the rhyming helps me remember, lol!  Sometimes the Need ends up being a little lenient because the need and wear can often be the same thing.  It's all up to me and the bargains I can find compared to what's on their lists.  I do love hunting down a good bargain and seeing them get something they want...and for the record, these aren't always expensive gifts either.  I've been pleasantly surprised by their lists.

They also get a stocking and one gift from Santa.  Usually something they want...whether they think so or not :)


Grandma Robin said...

I LOVE it...I LOVE to give to everyone...my favorite is all the stuff for stockings...I do it all year long...I really like to give what a person wants. or needs...

Melanie said...

LOVE. .I LOVE to shop. .and I love to give. .and I HATE to wait. .so it is really, REALLY hard. .for me to wait until Christmas. .when I am pumped cause I KNOW they will love it!! Maybe harder for me to wait than them!!

Megan said...

I love it! I love to give gifts...but I'm with Melanie, I find it hard to wait!

Anonymous said...

From Mom and Dad ~ Need, Want, Share. Also get a Santa gift, and Santa fills the stockings.

I am a lousy shopper. December 23rd often finds me in Dodge City Walmart - ugh!