Dec 4 - Holiday Decor

Do you have a favorite piece of holiday decor?

I can honestly say that I love all of my holiday decor!  Each piece has a special meaning to me.  Someone special gave it to me, I created it one year, my kids made it, I was with someone important when I purchased it....the list goes on.

I don't think I would be able to narrow it down to just one favorite.  So I will talk about one that I purchased on my own one our first Christmases as a family.  I didn't have a nativity scene and I came upon this one and it was perfect for us.  It fit our style.  Not overdone.  Not underdone.  Just perfect.

Over the years it has seen it fair share of things.  I remember one year Preston and Jeremy were wrestling in the living room and the angel came toppling down from her perch and broke her arm...


Baby Jesus has disappeared a time or two {before I decided to start putting it where little hands can't reach!}


You might remember "Humper" the camel.  I just love this post from last year! 


I think it is a perfect decoration for our family!

The joy of brightening others lives, 
bearing each others' burdens,
and supplanting empty hearts and lives with
generous gifts becomes for us the magic of Christmas.
- W.C. Jones


Melissa said...

I love all of your Christmas posts! So fun to stop and remember the stories of Christmas past. :)

Grandma T said...

Sara - I'm loving your holiday blogs. You have such a beautiful family.